Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and sewage. Domestic sewage treatment systems are used when it is not possible (or legal) to install a compliant septic tank. The treatment process of the wastewater is that the domestic wastewater and sewage passes through the system from your home into the sewage treatment plant.

Since the introduction of the new regulations of 2020 covering the discharge to any water course including a stream or ditch it is now the law that this water is treated.

Where ground conditions permit (this can be ascertained through a Percolation test) we can install a drainage field. Modern systems are designed to a detailed standard and a pit of rubble is no longer permitted for septic water.If your outfall does not need to discharge to a watercourse and ground conditions permit we can install a Septic Tank instead of a treatment plant and this may discharge in to a Drainage field.

Does this apply to you?

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